Test purchasing is the process where an individual from a security background – usually going undercover – assesses a business from the perspective of a customer. It is a service offered by specialist security solutions to help a business detect weaknesses and implement new strategies to improve. A common form of test purchasing is a minor attempting to buy alcohol. However, test purchasing can have a wider benefit to other businesses. Here are three ways a business can benefit from test purchasing.

1. Test purchasing shines a light on dishonest staff

Test purchasing will attempt to undercover when staff are acting dishonestly. Crooked staff – while highly prevalent in most industries – can go unnoticed for many years and cost businesses large sums of money. Sometimes their law-breaking discrepancies are never discovered. Test purchasing can successfully find staff who are committing theft or assisting with theft and report them to management.

2. Test purchasing highlights vulnerabilities

Test purchasing aims to highlight where a businesses is vulnerable by looking at factors such as the positioning of CCTV cameras. The same individual will report back on blind spots where staff and customers can handle goods without permission.

3. Test purchasing helps uphold high standards

Businesses can sometimes be unaware when standards have started to drop. That’s where test purchasing comes in handy. A specialist individual can assess where staff may be lagging. In most cases, this will be how they’re unknowingly allowing theft to occur on their watch.

Don’t hesitate to book an assessment

The first step to improving your business lies in booking a test purchasing assessment. The assessment can be carried out reasonably quickly, and the feedback can be vital in helping your operation move in the right direction when it comes to recognising vulnerabilities and uncovering telltale signs of staff dishonesty.