Enigma Security (Europe) Limited has accumulated a wealth of commercial undercover operations experience over many years, backed by a highly recommended reputation for success.

Workplace issues come in many forms, whether it be stock or asset shrinkage, loss of time, fraud, misuse of drugs, or the manipulation of records for personal gain – such as overtime claims or bonus ratings. The Undercover Operative is an excellent tool for identifying and resolving these problems in key areas.

Our Operatives are trained to focus on their main objectives; befriending staff and collating information to build cases against individual suspects. As with any crime prevention strategy, the key to minimizing risk lies in understanding why it occurs and identifying areas of vulnerability.

Whilst mostly associated with detecting theft, Enigma Security (Europe) Limited’ Undercover Operatives are skilled in assessing staff performance, productivity, systems and procedures, racial and sexual discrimination claims.

Maximizing the advantage of having a set of eyes and ears on the work floor, our Operatives are well trained to identify and report on all misdemeanors brought to their attention including theft, malicious damage, unauthorized/ extended breaks, time wasters, staff morale – even down to work floor gossip and staff misconceptions.

This provides Enigma Security (Europe) Limited Clients with valuable data and a much better understanding of the staff they employ.

Common problems Enigma investigate:

– Dishonesty
– Misuse of drugs
– Fraud
– Mystery shopping
– Supervisory issues
– Compliance issues
– Work productivity
– Safety issues
– Work place violations
– Arson

Enigma Security (Europe) Limited has carried out in excess of 100 Undercover Operations for many Blue Chip Clients. This has resulted in the detection of theft and fraud in excess of £7 Million and the recovery of stock and assets in excess of £1 Million.

Enigma security take a holistic and consultative approach to security. Undercover Operatives are just one way in which we can help your business, and may be more effective in conjunction with our other service offerings.


Enigma Security (Europe) Ltd. were called in by a leading UK fashion retailer, New Look, to investigate losses across distribution centres.

Our discrete undercover operation identified fraud representing a total loss to the client in excess of £1m. Our specialist detection team were also able to trace and recover stolen stock valued at £100k.

Working together with the client’s HR team and Police, we prepared case files to ensure successful prosecutions and internal disciplinary action.


Following a very professional investigation by Enigma Security (Europe) Limited into theft from the company, the offenders were identified and monies recovered. I would not hesitate to recommend their services