At the end of last year, we noticed an article in Retail Knowledge with the headline that really is quite depressing. The figures referred to in the article relate to 2014 as it takes considerable time for all the relevant data to be accumulated and analysed. The figure for retail shrinkage in the period of just one year exceeded £3 billion.

Retail shrinkage is not just a trade term for shoplifting, it relates to all forms of retail loss which in addition includes employee theft, supplier and administration errors. On closer examination, over £770 million worth of goods was stolen by employees. As a retailer, it is depressing to think that not only do you have to keep a close look at everything that goes on on the shop floor but that, literally, you need to have a pair of eyes in the back of your head to see what is going on behind the scenes. It is clear from a figure of £770 million that staff think nothing of stealing from their employers.

Here at Enigma Security (Europe) Ltd, staff and employee theft is an area that we particularly specialise in, particularly through the use of undercover operatives who are extremely experienced at immersing themselves in a company as a new employee without raising any suspicions. Our staff here at Enigma are not only trained on how to spot staff and employee theft, but are also trained to identify areas of weakness and vulnerability. Often prevention is far better than cure as often catching a member of staff in the process of stealing goods will not automatically lead you to recover funds lost through theft, but it will certainly stop it from happening again from at least one particular individual.

Here at Enigma Security (Europe) Ltd there are a wealth of options at our disposal to help you with all aspects of retail and business crime, so to find out more, you are very welcome to contact us at any time here at our offices in Bristol.