It is quite a sobering thought when you try and translate cash into material goods. £613 million is an astronomical sum of money and to see it reported in the Guardian newspaper it is hard not just to look upon it as another of today’s statistics. From every direction we are bombarded with figures to the point that they almost become meaningless, but here at Enigma Security (Europe) Ltd, when we talk to our clients in the retail sector we don’t just talk figures, we talk goods, we talk stock.

If the client tells us that theft has cost their business £10,000 we don’t look upon that purely as a figure, we want to know exactly what that represents in terms of items that have been stolen, and then we want to investigate why, after which we will ensure that figure will never be repeated.

To understand how big a problem retail theft is, perhaps it will be easier if we provided you with some idea of what that money can buy, and you will be speechless when you realise that you could buy every property in Long Ashton, Bristol. Yes, you could buy a whole town, with a population of 5,000 people. Now maybe you can really get an idea of just how great a problem retail theft is in the UK.

Cutting down on retail theft is definitely a challenge, both for retailers and ourselves here at Enigma Security (Europe) Ltd. In the time since our family-run business has been established, one other thing we have realised is that it takes a lot more than a couple of highly visible security guards to stop shoplifters. To find out more about what we can do to help you substantially lower theft in your business, either by members of the public or, regrettably, staff, please do give us a call.