Quality Control Policy

Enigma Security (Europe) Limited is committed to provide the highest level of quality service to our Customers. It is our policy to meet the requirements of our customers in respect of quality and value, whilst conforming to statutory legislation and applicable codes of practice.

Enigma Security (Europe) Limited undertakes to efficiently manage all employees and adopt a caring approach, to assist them with the implementation of a Quality Management System.

The Quality Management System will provide documentation, operating procedures and work instructions to our qualified employees to ensure effective operational control and uniformity.

The company will aim to fulfil contractual obligations by, ensuring all activities, that impact the quality of service are conducted in controlled conditions in partnership with our Customers.

Enigma Security (Europe) Limited will control the Quality Management System by monitoring and review of services to eliminate contractual nonconformities and identify quality improvement measures and by setting and monitoring Quality objectives and maintaining the cycle of continuous improvement.

John Mullane
UK Guarding and Compliance Manager

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