Health & Safety

Enigma Security Europe Ltd willingly accepts its obligations in providing a safe working environment, and requires that all employees, regardless of status, recognise and discharge their personal responsibilities in the areas of health, safety, and welfare by cooperating in a manner, which allows the Company to discharge its duties satisfactorily.

Enigma believes that Health, safety and staff welfare is paramount and plays an integral part in maintaining safety and safe working conditions for all personnel involved in works on the company’s behalf.

Only by pulling together each and every one of us and taking heed off our responsibilities to ourselves and each other, can we ensure a safe working environment.

It is Enigma’s stated policy, aim and objective that the health, safety and welfare of everyone undertaking work on behalf of the company are protected to the nest possible degree by the implementation, management and monitoring of practices and procedures designed to achieve those objectives.

John Mullane
UK Guarding and Compliance Manager

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Health and Safety Policy v6-Rv210421

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