This is a question that was posed in an article in the Guardian newspaper and one which we discussed amongst ourselves here at Enigma Security (Europe) Ltd. It may not surprise you to learn that the answer was a resounding no.

This may surprise you, but let us explain why as the reason is very simple. Theft is theft. It doesn’t matter who it’s from, it is still theft and it is still against the law. The law does not differentiate between theft from an independent retailer and a high Street store, so why should we see it as different ourselves?

This is perhaps a matter of semantics, but it is actually the phrasing of the question that is quite critical. Had the question been “is the impact of stealing from a small independent shop far greater than stealing from a chain store?” Then the answer would have been a resounding yes. Major chain stores and high street retailers are able to factor in theft into their pricing strategies and, as a consequence, have a business plan which can absorb a certain level of theft. A small independent retailer does not have the same volume of turnover to be able to ‘allow’ for theft. If you steal from a small retailer, you are literally taking money out of their back pocket – in fact you might as well walk up to them and steal their wallet from inside their jacket as they are walking along the street. The impact on them is exactly the same.

Here at Enigma Security (Europe) Ltd here in Bristol, we are equally used to dealing with independent retailers and major high street stores and while our approach may be different the results are the same, a noticeable reduction in stock “shrinkage”. To find out more how we can do this, please feel free to contact us at any time.