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The benefits of hiring a security consultant

THINK YOU DON’T NEED AN OUTSIDE SECURITY CONSULTANT? THINK AGAIN. In the 21st century, most businesses have really wrapped their minds around the benefits of using an outside consultant in key areas of their business. Curiously, one area many have been slower to adopt the use of independent consultants help in is security. Perhaps [...]

How to hire a private investigator

* The information displayed here applies to approved SIA contractors that operate private investigations and security work within the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom and in some parts of the European union. Hiring a private investigator can be a daunting task. For most it will be a totally novel experience, and one for which [...]

Why security measures are more important now than 10 years ago

In 2008, the world was stunned by the impact of the global recession. Many people worldwide lost their hard-earned money at an alarming rate, in some cases as quickly as overnight. As we continue to slowly pull ourselves out of the wake left behind by the recession, there still remains a staggering number of people [...]

Telephone theft ‘phreaking’ cripples small businesses

Your business' telephone systems might not be quite as secure as you think. Telephone fraud is rife. In fact, it now has a new name; ‘phreaking’. Unauthorised use of company phones costs unwary businesses hundreds of thousands in call charges every year. What is ‘phreaking’? The term ‘phreaking’ refers to any form of telephony fraud [...]

Retail shrinkage costs UK stores over £3 billion

At the end of last year, we noticed an article in Retail Knowledge with the headline that really is quite depressing. The figures referred to in the article relate to 2014 as it takes considerable time for all the relevant data to be accumulated and analysed. The figure for retail shrinkage in the period of [...]

Three benefits of using ‘test purchasing’

Test purchasing is the process where an individual from a security background – usually going undercover – assesses a business from the perspective of a customer. It is a service offered by specialist security solutions to help a business detect weaknesses and implement new strategies to improve. A common form of test purchasing is a [...]

The problem with wealthy shoplifters

There is a widely held and popular view that shoplifters are skilled criminals, taking high value items to sell on, often to feed a drug or alcohol habit. While that is true of many, there are also wealthy people who shoplift when they are well able to afford to pay for the goods that they [...]

In-store theft is a bit like shooting yourself in the foot

There is a frustrating attitude to employees who think nothing of stealing from their employer, whether it is cash or stock. The common attitude is “they can afford it”. Maybe today they can, but what about tomorrow? One of the problems with continual pilfering and petty theft is that it undermines the profitability of the [...]

Retail crime hits all-time high of £613 million in 2015

It is quite a sobering thought when you try and translate cash into material goods. £613 million is an astronomical sum of money and to see it reported in the Guardian newspaper it is hard not just to look upon it as another of today’s statistics. From every direction we are bombarded with figures to [...]